Netra Technologies is happy to announce that our next major release v3.0 of NetraPLM is set for 23rd November 2015, and is scheduled to be followed by patch releases and upgrades through January 2017.


“We are very excited to announce the release of NetraPLM v3.0; which includes many additional features, and interfaces to bill of materials data sources to help create functionally optimized geometry that is inconceivable based on conventional design and manufacturing methods,” said Ganesh Kousik, Product Manager of Netra Technologies. “Previous reporting functionality and workflow challenges have been fixed with v3.0 that will help effectively streamline communications within the organization or with external partners to work more efficiently. We have a vision for how the technology fits together from end-to-end and this release is putting that vision in place to move the industry forward.  


We are looking forward to continue to work with our clients to design and develop customized software to meet their business needs.  


Executives interested in learning more about how NetraPLM™ can streamline processes, improve their global competitiveness, and enhance ROI can visit or call Ganesh Kousik at (630) 701-9867 for more information.