As a key step in our Continuing Education Program, Netra University launches multiple SAP training courses for our staff and clients. Netra recognizes that demand for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP Hana, SAP Mobility and related custom applications, Fiori, Persona and Hybris are newer technologies that SAP has deployed successfully and we will be offering multiple courses as part of a strategic investment in our SAP practice and professionals.

Since the launch of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP Hana, the in-memory database software offered by SAP, Hana is being touted as one of the fastest growing software in the world and certainly the fastest growing software product in SAPs history. Make no mistake, SAP is betting the farm on this product, with over 1200 customers and growing, including cloud capability this is technology is the future SAP software platform.


Class Overview: Hands on SAP Hana Training with introduction to Fiori and Persona.



With these type of capabilities and superlatives tied to this product, it would not be a surprising to find a higher demand for SAP Hana professionals and multitude of long-term career opportunities. Today large corporations are eager to acquire and build competitive advantages, SAP Hana touts many such advantages, including but not limited to managing massive data volumes at high speeds, provides a much closer to “real” in real-time results, consolidate and gain insights from both structured and unstructured data, makes it easier to integrate a wider variety of enterprise environments and data, offers predictive analytics and complex analysis capabilities, cloud based deployment, long term cost benefits, choice of hardware and software partners to work with and many other benefits. 


This course taught over a two week period aims to teach, train and empower students both with hands-on and theoretical knowledge of SAP Hana. Course will be taught using a broad curriculum covering architectural, design and development aspects of each Hana component using practical examples and case study where appropriate. Students gain a broad view of key facets tied to SAP Hana data management, including: planning, modeling, architecture, standards, governance, process, tools and resources; essential to successfully participate in corporate SAP Hana engagements.



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Anyone desiring to jump-start their career in the SAP space, seeking to learn and get hands-on exposure to SAP Hana should attend. This course is taught by a highly experience SAP Professional with multiple years of experience deploying SAP Hana solutions, is best targeted at technology professionals with some previous experience with SAP ECC/R/3 or with SAP ABAP, Basis or similar development platforms and programming skills. A pre-requisite is previous knowledge, experience with relational databases and knowledge of SQL. An understanding of enterprise software, operating systems, hardware, business intelligence tools, and integration technologies will enhance the learning experience. Attendees may include information architects, analysts, database administrators, data architects, developers, and anyone else who currently is; may be; or is likely to be responsible for, or has interest in properly managing the full business information lifecycle needs using SAP ERP solution in an enterprise.


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