Netra Technologies prepares to launch a new cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management software product. The new software will integrate all steps of Product Lifecycle Management and give real-time visibility into operations. Historically, PLM solutions have been very effective at streamlining production processes and lowering production costs, but today’s modern businesses require mobile access on tablets and smartphones. “NetraPLM™ will be cloud-based, giving on-the-go executives and managers access to key product information,” stated Ganesh Kousik, Product Manager at Netra Technologies. “Clients need end-to-end solutions that efficiently address the quality and cost aspects critical to the product, manufacturing process development, and implementation and provide visibility to data from any device.”


Netra Technologies is well-known for creating and deploying customized IT solutions for Fortune 1000 companies across North America and Europe. Netra consultants have assisted Caterpillar, Caterpillar Logistics, Neovia Logistics Services, Harley Davidson, Ford, Mazda, Volvo, Terex, Saab, Land Rover and other automotive manufacturers over the years, with custom solutions developed using APQP, PCM, and other third party products.


NetraPLM™ is fully customizable and can be implemented within a company’s existing IT infrastructure. A Product Manager at a large third party Logistics organization stated “the fact that it can integrate with so many kinds of infrastructure makes it a really cost-effective solution for companies with large investments in IT”.


The target date for release of an alpha version is set for December 2013, followed by patch releases and new functionality through April 2016.


Executives interested in learning more about how NetraPLM™ can streamline processes, improve their global competitiveness, and enhance ROI can visit or call Ganesh Kousik at (630) 701-9867 for more information.