Netra Technologies announces the development of Netra SCMForWarehousing™ a new cloud-based software product designed to manage material movement and storage throughout the Supply Chain Management.  This product will address complex transportation, storage, delivery, and cost aspects for materials within the supply chain and is the first of its kind to provide real-time supply chain data through mobile devices. The target date for release of an alpha version is set for December 2013, to be followed by patch releases and new functionality through September 2016.


The development of Netra SCMForWarehousing™ was driven by demand for supply chain data anytime, anywhere using any mobile device. “Deploying and managing comprehensive global distribution centers integrated with order fulfillment solutions is a 24x7 endeavor,” stated Ganesh Kousik, Product Manager at Netra Technologies. “Clients need end-to-end solutions that efficiently manage material flows, storage requirements and provide visibility to data from any device.”


Netra Technologies is well-known for creating and deploying customized IT solutions for Fortune 1000 companies across North America and Europe. Netra consultants have assisted Harley Davidson, Ford, Mazda, Volvo, Terex, Saab, Land Rover and other automotive manufacturers over the years, with custom supply chain solutions developed using SAP, Red Prairie and other third party products.


A Supply Chain Business Manager at a large third party Logistics organization stated, “Netra provided excellent technical solutions to complex supply chain problems. They helped significantly reduce our warehouse management project implementation cost. We look forward to Netra SCMForWarehousing™, a product that integrates various aspects of SCM and makes data accessible via mobile devices.”


In this climate of global competitive pressures, decision makers at major manufacturing industries are implementing, reviewing, and upgrading their SCM processes. Currently, no integrated SCM Warehouse management solution exists that integrates with SAP, is available on a cloud, provides solutions to complex warehousing problems like cartonization, integration with third shipping software, automation of picking, and provides visibility to data from any device. Netra SCMForWarehousing™ will be the first one. Netra SCMForWarehousing™ will integrate with SAP’s ECC Landscape and enterprise data sources (e.g., parts, distribution center inventory, suppliers, and the corporate knowledge network). The solution will be developed on top of SAP’s ECC layer. The new software will support communication between mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones and the warehouse management solution.


For more information about how Netra SCMForWarehousing™ can ensure parts availability, improve their global competitiveness, and enhance ROI, call Ganesh Kousik at (630) 701-9867.